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Project Description
A .NET Library for Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) Catalog protocol, a syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom.

Project Goal
This project is created to simplify the process of reading and creating an OPDS Catalog in .NET and standardize the result OPDS with least effort. The library provides the following functions:

  • Read OPDS, supports the elements defined by OPDS.
  • Validate OPDS according to official schema file.
  • Create OPDS from your existing data model.

There are also two sample projects on the roadmap.

  • A Web Site to build OPDS from local file system.
  • A desktop application to read OPDS. (Not start yet.)

Read more for usage.

About OPDS
OPDS is a standard based on ATOM used to build a publish books' catalog and books' information to users. It is widely used in book readers, for example, Stanza.
There are a lot of existing OPDS source published.

You can find more OPDS catalogs and OPDS readers at
For more information about OPDS itself, please refer to

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